tales from a stay-at-home mom of four boys

Don’t pee on your brother

“Stop peeing on your brother. Oh no, don’t pee in his face!” I heard myself udder these words last third of July after enjoying a dip in my in-laws’ pool. My oldest son had stayed in the pool a little longer with his grandfather while I got out and dressed my now middle child. I’d stripped him naked in the backyard and laid his bathing suit out to dry on the patio and then diapered him. Before I could fully clothe him, my oldest son got out of the pool, stripped down, and began to pee into the pool. His grandfather jokingly said “don’t pee in my pool, pee on your brother.” Apparently Grandpa had not spend enough time with preschool aged children to understand that they don’t get jokes like this and take everything seriously. So of course, my then 3 year old decided that this was indeed a rare opportunity in which he was actually being invited to pee on his younger brother. When was he going to get a chance like this again? Before I could admonish his grandfather and warn him of what might happen if he says things like that, my son had accepted the invitation and was peeing on his brother. First just on his feet and legs, but he quickly managed to raise the spray of pee up to his little brother’s head who responded by turning around and getting sprayed straight in the face. I’m sure that day will be recalled for many fourth (or third) of Julys to come.


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