tales from a stay-at-home mom of four boys

A few oldies, but goodies

My kids said and did plenty of funny things before I started this blog that I just can’t resist sharing. So I went back and gathered a few of my favorites from the days past and here they are.

Upon running out of milk, my oldest son put a milk cartoon to my breast and demanded “Mommy, milk.”

My oldest was demanding something of me and I told him he’d just have to be patient to which he replied, “You be patient Mommy!”

Talking about his then 3 month old brother, my oldest informed me “Baby needs to go out. He go in the car. Baby needs to go out cuz he’s being an asshole.”

Commenting on the car in the middle of the mall, my oldest told me “That guy parked there’s a idiot.”

The weekend I attempted the three day potty training boot camp with my oldest, he informed me “Bad guys pooped in the fridge.”

“I’ve got a robot penis!” (not sure about that one)

My oldest son’s weather report in August “It’s wicked hot outside. You can’t go out there. It’s too gross.”

“Batman is a superhero who comes out to fight bad guys, like the Yankees.”


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