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Herding Cats

So my oldest son had his second tee ball practice tonight. This is the first organized sport he is doing. In fact, other than preschool (which he started this year), this is his first time doing organized anything; if you can call what they are doing organized. Watching them practice is, if nothing else, hilarious. Half the time the kids are wandering around, staring at the sky, or sitting down in the middle of the field or diamond; mine being one of them.

Tonight they practiced base running and catching the ball and throwing it back to the pitcher. That’s not what it looked like though. It basically looked like this: one coach took half the kids and gave them a position (area) to play (stand near) while the other half of the kids stood at home plate. The main coach then gently hit balls towards different kids. At this point, a child from the plate was suppose to run to first base while a child in the field was suppose to get the ball and throw it back to the coach. Instead all the kids in the field ran from their various places around the diamond after the ball, no matter where it was hit, often times trampling each other and several times tackling each other. Meanwhile, back at home plate, the child who was suppose to be running to first was busy noticing a bird in the sky and didn’t realize that all the yelling around him was aimed at him and in fact was his named coupled with the word “run.” Once the child began running, he didn’t know where to stop, so he just kept running until he reached the fence at the end of the field. My own child managed to be first to get to the ball once (after being tackled at least once) and then, eventually, figured out where to through the ball. When it was his turn to run bases, he did great getting to first base, it was second and third that he had trouble finding, as he ran in circles near the pitchers mound. Once he finally figured out how to make it to home plate, he just stood there on the plate smiling, occasionally jumping up and down until someone convinced him to move off the plate so they could continue with practice. I think he had fun, but I’m not completely sure that the coaches did. I’m not sure how they do it; I’m just glad it isn’t me.


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2 thoughts on “Herding Cats

  1. You had me at “herding cats.”

  2. Hahaha your children are hilarous! Please keep it coming.

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