tales from a stay-at-home mom of four boys

Something to lose your hair over

So, my hair is falling out.  That’s right, but it happens.  Around 3-4 months after a woman has a baby, all the extra hair she accumulated (for warmth?) starts to shed.  My older sister warned me of this and this being the third time I’ve had a kid, I’m not surprised by it.  What I am always surprised by though, is the amount of hair that falls out.

When my sister told me that I’d have some “shedding” after the baby was born, I thought a few extra strands in the sink or on my brush.  I had no idea that it would be hair by the fistfuls.  I can’t believe. with the amount that falls out, that there is anything left on my head.  Then again, with my second child, most of the hair seemed to come from one particular place; just above my right temple.  It became so bad, I seriously had a bald spot.  It was really noticeable and embarrassing.  Luckily it grew back, but that wasn’t much better because now I had a spot at the front of my head that had all these short wispy pieces coming in; almost like I decided to grow bangs on the far right corner of my forehead.

So far this time, I have yet to notice any bald spots, but I’m surprised that the shower drain isn’t clogged.  Then again, most of that hair that comes out during showers then sticks to my wet body causing me to look like a sasquatch every time I exit the shower.  Why can’t the hair fall from a place it is less wanted so I can save time and money on visiting an aesthetician?


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