tales from a stay-at-home mom of four boys

Sleeping around

My husband and I no longer sleep together. On the rare occasions that we do, it is very brief; I spend more time in bed with other guys these days. Some nights I even sleep with two or three other guys. It’s okay though because he sleeps with other guys too. No, he’s not gay and I’m not cheating. I’m not talking about sex, I’m talking about actual sleep.

On a good night my husband will start off in the bed with the baby and me (most nights though, he doesn’t even bother). This never lasts long. Usually a child is coming in before I’ve even stopped reading and turned off my iPad. At the first sight of a small head poking through the now open bedroom door, my hubby leaps from the bed, scoops up the child and brings him into my oldest son’s bedroom no matter which child it is (that room has a queen size bed and is more comfortable than my middle son’s tiny twin). Many times, my hubby and two older boys will cuddle in that bed for a few hours, leaving me alone in our giant king size bed with the baby. A few hours later, another (or possibly the same) child will make an appearance at my door and quickly hop in bed with the baby and I. At this point, the bed is feeling more like a queen than a king since my kids must sleep pressed up against me or at least touching me (usually with their foot across my chest or in the side of my head). A few more hours go by, it might be 5:00am at the latest, when the last child of the three will join me and the other two in bed. My once giant king size bed has now become a tiny hotel cot. I will lay there, not really sleeping, with a child pressed on either side of me and the baby on top of me. I watch the clock tick by, excruciatingly slow until 6:00am, when I can finally wake my husband to take over. When I enter my son’s room, I find my husband sprawled across the enormous queen bed, sleeping blissfully, child free. I hand him the baby and any kids who are awake, rub my red tired eyes, and go back to sleep for the only good hour of sleep I get all night.

Like I said, my husband and I don’t sleep together anymore, we are sleeping with other people. I’m just doing the “with other people” part, while he’s doing the “sleeping” part.


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