tales from a stay-at-home mom of four boys

Go Red Feet, I mean Sox!

I’d left my four month old contently sitting in his glider in the living room while I was cleaning another room and my two older boys wandered the house. I went to check on the baby and as I approached, I heard my oldest talking to him. I thought, “How cute.” and peaked around the corner to see what he was doing. What I found was this:


I yelled “What are you doing?”
“I’m helping the baby.” he tells me.
“Helping the baby do what?”
“I’m helping him to have red feet!”

I think he was a little confused. I had told the kids that it was the Red Sox’s home opener so they had to wear their Red Sox gear to support the team. He was just giving the baby red feet since he didn’t have any red socks to wear.


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2 thoughts on “Go Red Feet, I mean Sox!

  1. Oh you poor thing lol. Did he at least use washable marker?

  2. Ouch. Talk about taking things literally or taking one for the team.

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