tales from a stay-at-home mom of four boys

A four year old’s view on life

I love having conversations with my oldest, who is almost four and a half. We have some of the funniest and most interesting conversations. Life from the point of view of a four year old is pretty interesting.

Last night my oldest had a tee ball game (it’s his first year playing) and a lot of times he spends the game sitting or spinning in circles in right field. So I made a deal with him that if he tried really hard and gave his best effort, after each game he’d get a treat. Sometimes it is just some simple Lego time with a parent or playing video games, but last night’s treat was froyo. So after we ate our frozen yogurt, I made him put on his pjs before getting in the car to head home. He loves getting time with mommy all to himself (or almost to himself, the baby was there but he sat quietly in his bucket seat) so this was a real special treat. I was explaining to him how it was important to go right to bed without any problems when we got home or he wouldn’t get to do this again.

“No fooling around like last night.”
“But I just want you near me at night Mommy because I miss you!”
“Miss me when? You are with me all day. You know who misses me, your Dad because he’s at work all day, so when you go to bed it is time for Mommy and Daddy to spend some time together before they go to bed.”
“Well maybe Daddy just shouldn’t work anymore so he can stay home, then he wouldn’t miss you anymore.”

Oh if only the answers in life were that simple. I’m sure my husband would love to not have to work so he could stay home with us, but until we win the lottery, that’s just not an option. I guess that means that my oldest better start playing the lottery.


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