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Video games are good for you


My 4 year old's Pac-Man drawing

At dinner tonight, my oldest son wasn’t too interested in eating.  So I decided to try a different approach with him than the usual “no dessert unless you eat” or “two more bites.”  He’s very into video games lately and he’d been drawing pictures of Nintendo characters earlier in the day.  So I told my 4 year old to pretend that he was Pac-Man and that his food was his pellets so he had to hurry up and eat them before the ghosts got him.  He began shoveling food in his mouth pretty quickly after that.  Another “eat your dinner” favorite in our house, “who’s going to win dinner tonight?”  The two older boys are so into “winning” all the time you’d think they were Charlie Sheen.  So dinner tonight became a Pac-Man game in which the pellets got eaten and everybody won and leveled up to dessert.  See parents, video games aren’t necessarily bad.



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One thought on “Video games are good for you

  1. Video games arent a bad thing at all. Many of them are educational and fun. As long as 5 year olds arent playing Grand Theft Auto. A majority of video games keep kids out of trouble.

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