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Mommy, you shouldn’t have a big butt

So about two to three weeks ago my family began doing walks in the evening a couple of times a week.  It is a nice way to unwind, spend time as a family, get some exercise and fresh air, and on a good night, all three kids fall asleep; bonus.  Tonight my husband wanted to do a jog-walk to get back in shape for running.  I haven’t run in years, but after three kids, I’m up for almost any exercise to get back in shape, so I wanted to go.  When I told my four year old that he was going to have to go in the bike stroller because Mommy and Daddy wanted to run tonight, he didn’t want to.  I’ve found that sometimes the best way to deal with a four year old is to rationalize things so he wants to do whatever it is that you want him to do.  So tonight I simply told him that Mommy wanted to have a butt like the lady on the cover of the Running magazine that Daddy got today.  “Don’t you want Mommy to have a nice butt like that lady?”


“Well if Mommy doesn’t exercise, then her butt will get really big and then there won’t be any room for you to sit next to Mommy anymore.”


“Mommy, you shouldn’t have a big butt, you should exercise more.”

“So can we go running tonight?”

processing again…

“Yea, we better go running.”


Got to love the way a four year old’s brain works.  Oh, and by the way, my butt is not big, it just doesn’t look like the lady on the magazine’s.  Hey, I just had my third kid a few months ago and my size 8 shorts are very baggy, so I’m doing ok.


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2 thoughts on “Mommy, you shouldn’t have a big butt

  1. kids are so free. Its so funny how they think of things. So innocent

  2. In my house, I get a swat on the butt and then my son assigns a category to it. “Today it is _____”, with blank equal to one of three options: squishy, jiggly or stiff.

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