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It’s just a phase, it’s just a phase

My two and a half year old is going through a very unenjoyable phase right now. He’s become a screecher. Not a yeller or a shouter or even a screamer, but a screecher. A high pitched, loud, long, strident, shrill screecher. This is not a cute phase.

The screeches aren’t angry or upset noises, they are just for the fun of it noises. There is no real reason for them or warning to them. He just suddenly screeches and when he’s done he smiles with great satisfaction. I’m not the only one who is not fond of his screeches either. My five month old does not like my toddler’s new hobby either. When ever my toddler screeches, it shocks and scares his little brother, who then let’s out a loud, frightened cry. So, you can imagine how unenjoyable this little phase of his is.

The only consolation is that it is just a phase and phases do pass; eventually. I hope it passes sooner than later though because it is causing me quite a few headaches. Of course, his next phase could be even worse; he could become a defiant, limit-testing preschooler like his older brother, but that’s a blog for another day.


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2 thoughts on “It’s just a phase, it’s just a phase

  1. My daughter is doing this as well. It’s more of a short, sharp shriek. Annoying as hell. So far I’ve been able to keep her from doing it in the house by claiming it’s an outside behavior. Now that the sun is out and we’re spending more time outdoors, I have to be consistent and let her get away with one or two shrieks. She then seems to lose interest when I don’t respond to it.

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