tales from a stay-at-home mom of four boys

The worst day

Despite what the title of this blog says, today has not been my worst day, it has however, been my four and a half year old’s .  At least according to him it has.

Personally, I would have thought it was a pretty good day if I were him.  He got to stay an hour longer at preschool to have lunch with his friends, he got to finally play the video game he’s been waiting to play, he got to watch one of his favorite TV shows, and he got a little whip cream on his after lunch snack.  Sounds good to me.  My oldest son, however, sees it differently.  To him, it was the worst day because he wasn’t allowed to play on the IPad until he cleaned up a few toys (I’d cleaned up the majority of them), he got put in time out for almost jumping on the baby after being told not to jump near him, and he was forced to wipe up his own pee when he peed in the corner during that time out.

I guess my four year old and I have different ideas of what makes the worst day ever.  After all, I’m putting up with his fits and I still don’t even feel like it has been a bad day.


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