tales from a stay-at-home mom of four boys

Musing from a four year old

My oldest son picks up on a lot lately and seems to be constantly listening, even when I think he isn’t. This results in him repeating many of the things I say or making funny observations about things based on what I say.

This past week, I was complaining that we are always late everywhere, as I went from making good time getting him to camp to being ten minutes late due to a last minute poopy diaper from my middle child and my oldest’s last minute request for his bear to bring with him to camp (typical). Later that afternoon, I was attempting to get us all ready to go to the pool to meet some friends, a task my oldest felt was not going quick enough, so as I loaded everyone into the van, he commented “Man, we are always late going everywhere!”

Another day this week, I was telling my oldest son that I needed to clean the house because we’d been so busy and it was so messy that his dad wasn’t going to want to come home anymore. I told him that if he did come home, he’d wonder what the heck we did all day. My son’s answer “we make a mess”. No kidding kid, no kidding!


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