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Pedophiles not welcome

I’m a little worried that the only people looking at my blog are pedophiles with poop fetishes. The searches that lead viewers to my page this week where “poop off boy” and “pictures of boys poop.” I’m now glad I never include pictures of my kids or their actual names.
If you aren’t a pedophile and you are looking at my blog, please leave a comment so I know someone is actually reading and enjoying it still. I know I’ve been infrequent with posts lately, but hopefully I’ll find more time when school starts back up. I do appreciate those that follow.


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5 thoughts on “Pedophiles not welcome

  1. Tim Foley on said:

    I’m reading and enjoying the updates — and honestly, that’s despite the poop stories, not particularly because of them. The explanation of how difficult it is to go anywhere with kids — so true!

  2. Teresa on said:

    I read your blog and am not a pedophile. I’m just a friend who enjoys your crazy stories.

  3. Mom of 2 follows! Nice to see the same issues don’t skip a generation. Keep blogging.

  4. Hi, I’m a mom and not a pedophile. I get some weird searches too. It also makes me fear that pedophiles are trolling on my blog. Maybe the name wasn’t quite as brilliant as I initially thought!

  5. That is pretty creepy…

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