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Bottomless pits are hard to fill

My middle child is just a little thing, always has been. He is over 2 1/2 years old but still wears 18 month pants because his waist is so small and he’s so short. Of course, none of this tininess comes from lack of eating. That boy eats all day long and eats almost anything. His favorite food is probably fruit, which, though healthy, keeps him very regular (like 7 plus poops a day regular), which isn’t fun for me. Maybe this is part of how he stays so small while eating so much. Who knows? My husband and I often joke that this kid’s first words out of his mouth in the morning and last words he whispers at night before falling off to sleep are “I want food.” There is some truth to this joke. He usually does hop out of bed in the morning and make a beeline toward the kitchen muttering that he wants food and one of his ploys at night, to try to stay up long, is also to ask for a snack. So the joke isn’t too far from the truth. Today, however, I witnessed a whole new truth to the joke.

My middle son has been taking swim lessons in the morning and they tend to really wear him out, so he often falls asleep on the ride home from the pool. Today he must have been really tired because he slept for almost three full hours, which lasted through lunch. He’d eaten a snack just before he fell asleep, but apparently it wasn’t enough for him. His hunger built all through nap until just before the three hour mark he erupted. One moment my son was this sweet, serene, sleeping angel laying next to me, then next thing I knew, he bolted straight up and screamed “I’m hungry!” I’m not even sure his eyes were open at the time, I think his own screaming might have startled him awake (it certainly startled me). He then began crying, walked toward the kitchen, and cried some more. I began making offers of what he’d like me to make him for lunch, to most of which he just replied with more crying until eventually he was just laying on the floor in tears. When I finally struck upon something that sounded good to him, he passed back out on the floor for a few minutes only to wake again demanding food.

I’ve never witnessed anyone wake up this way before. It does have me wondering if my son dreams about food in his sleep. Whatever he dreams of, I guess I can now honestly say that my son is hungry so often that he literally wakes up yelling for food. I just hope this doesn’t translate to eating or food issues later in life.


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3 thoughts on “Bottomless pits are hard to fill

  1. My daughter is a peanut too (3 yr old & 24lbs.) but she eats all the time. Her daycare provider even jokes about whether I feed her at home. She sometimes wakes in the middle of the night & tells me that she’s hungry. I’m not sure if she’s just dreaming of food or if she is really hungry. I never gave it much thought before.

  2. Angeltots on said:

    If it’s fruits he mostly eats, then he must really be hungry. Does he have meat, carbs, and fat (like milk) in his diet too? Something that’s more of a “real meal” other than snacks? I’m curious at what his pediatrician says too! 🙂 Cute boy.

    • Oh, he eats just about anything, he just really likes fruit. I guess it is better than constantly wanting Cheeze-it’s like his older brother did for awhile. His doctor isn’t worried because he makes steady growth.

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