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Potty training: Round two

Well here we go again. We are attempting to potty train our second child. Why I say “we”, I’m not really sure, since I do the majority of the work, but that’s probably a good thing, since my husband has no patience. Anyway, my middle son is about a month and a half shy of 3 and has been showing all the signs that he’s ready, so I decided to give it a go. I probably could have tried a little sooner but my first son wasn’t potty trained until almost 3 1/2 and, well, it is a pain to potty train.

Training a child to use the toilet is hard when it is just one kid, but now I have three. Okay, so one is pretty self-sufficient when it comes to using the bathroom and the other isn’t quite walking yet so he’s still pretty portable, but still, with three kids, I’m busy. I’m constantly on the go, taking the kids to school, lessons, play dates, and activities. We aren’t always around bathrooms and my oldest is so good about holding it and going to the bathroom on his own that I never really think about it anymore. I drive a minivan, I can always change a diaper in the back. Plus, it isn’t easy to drop everything and run a kid to the bathroom when you are out with three kids either. I trust my oldest, Who is almost 5, to go into single occupancy bathrooms on his own. Not to mention, for the first few months, during and after potty training, you have to carry extra clothes and the portable potty everywhere; that takes up space in the purse and I have enough stuff in my tote bag already. Then of course, there is the extra laundry to do from all the “accidents”. None of that is as bad though as the accidents themselves; especially the poopy ones. This is what I’m most frightened of. My oldest had a hard time with making it to the toilet for poops for several months after he was completely out of diapers. Luckily, most of his poops were nice solid nuggets that easily dumped into the toilet, so the occasional soft one was just thrown out with the underwear. My middle son, however, well…he loves his fruit, and that doesn’t translate well for potty accidents. I think this was the biggest factor that made me hesitant to potty train him.

Of course, I finally had to just tell myself that no matter how much of a pain it was going to be to potty train, it had to be done. Besides, once it is done, I won’t have to worry about my middle child’s horrible fruit poops, or carry around diapers for two kids anymore and I’d be saving money. Once it is done, life will be a little easier, at least until I have to potty train the third one. By then I should be an old pro at this though and maybe it won’t be so bad. In the meantime, I hope going through this for a second time isn’t too bad and doesn’t provide me with too many stories to blog about. A mom can dream right?


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