tales from a stay-at-home mom of four boys

Can I get a match?


I’m trying to fold laundry when I get down to just a pile of socks; the worse part of doing laundry.  Ok, so there really is’t anything good about doing laundry except having clean clothes. Still, matching socks sucks pretty bad and here’s why.

There are 5 people in my house, 3 of which are little boys with little boy feet that require little boy socks.  Now mind you, none of these pairs of little boy feet wear the same size, not even close, so I must sort and match 3 separate sizes of little boy socks. When my first son was little, people loved to give us cute little socks that matched his cute little outfits.  Those socks got passed down along with the outfits until they reached my youngest son.  The problem is, many of those socks seemed to have been passed down without a match. So now I have a pile of socks for my youngest that look like this:


Just look at all those cute little socks. So many of them are so similar, yet not a one has a match.

As my two older boys got bigger, I tried getting smart so that I could quickly sort their socks at laundry time.  I bought each of them several pairs of socks with their favorite super hero on them.  The problem was, they were all just slightly different and I ended up with piles of mismatched socks that look like this:

WP_20130410_003Again, so close, yet no matches.  So my husband tired to out smart the sock problem and decided to just buy a bunch of white socks.  The problem with this was, not all white socks are created equal, not to mention, we couldn’t always remember which brand we had bought when we went to buy more.  So we ended up with more unmatched socks.


So close, but still not there.

So close, but still not there.

So my solution?  Mismatched sock day!

It happens more than I like to admit.

It happens more than I like to admit.


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