tales from a stay-at-home mom of four boys

Potty training part 3?

Maybe it is too soon to know, but this fall might bring the beginning of my third and final time potty training.

My 21 month old came walking into the kitchen this evening while I was making dinner and started pointing at the bathroom. I thought he just wanted me to help him wash his hands, but then he began pulling on his diaper. I asked if he wanted to sit on the potty and he gave me one of his huge, head bobbing “yes”s. I sat him on it, but can’t tell if he actually went, but he did sit for a while. Afterwards, I asked if he wanted to start to use the potty like his brothers. He thought for a minute, began to shake his head no, and then changed his mind and gave me another big “yes” head shake.

I guess time will tell, but how much am I going to love life when I no longer have any kids in diapers!?! Now if only I could get them to wipe their own butts.


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