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Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the loyalest of them all?

I have four boys, which means my kids have a lot of brothers. Some times they are very loving of each other, but most times they enjoy pushing each other’s buttons and making each other wish they were an only child. Despite all they put each other through, I know that deep down they love each other. Today, however, I think I came to the conclusion that my Middlest child is the most loving and dedicated of all the brothers.

Today was a beautiful day. It felt like summer, so we went to play at the park. Unfortunately it is not yet summer, so after about an hour, we needed to go home and resume weekday during the school year activities. My oldest wasn’t too keen on this idea so I did what I often do in this situation, I packed up and started to leave. I waved goodbye and told my oldest that I hoped he enjoyed his new life living at the park. As I began to walk my other three to the car my 3 year old began to sob. I thought he was upset because we were going home, but then I heard him call his brother’s name. It turned out, he wasn’t upset we were leaving the park, but that we were leaving his brother behind. I tried to explain to him that we weren’t really going to leave him, that he would eventually come, but when I tried to get him into the car, he began bawling and reaching toward the park for his brother. My Middlest was adomant that we could not leave without his oldest brother. It was so sweet and cute, I couldn’t help but hug him and kiss his tears. My five year old, on the other hand, could care less that we were leaving his old brother at the park. In fact, I’m pretty sure he got a little extra skip in his step at the idea of leaving his older brother at the park and him becoming the oldest sibling now.

Luckily for my 3 year old and not so luckily for my 5 year old, my oldest did eventually join us at the car before we left. So no one got left behind and no one got to move up the hierarchy of brothers, but one did show that he is the most loyal of them all.


I love you most when you’re asleep

I love having three boys who are only two years apart. I feeling like they are so close and I hope they will be all of their lives. Most of the time they love playing together. The two older boys often want to help with or play with the baby, and he seems to really enjoy them. Every so often I get to witness one of those moments that you wish you could capture forever that just seems to speak to what brotherhood really is.

Like I said before, my two older boys often want to help with the baby. Often times I find them helping without having been asked. Sometimes this isn’t a good thing, like when they try to pick him up or drag him by the foot across the room. Most of the time, however, not only is it helpful, but it is down right cute. I’ll be out of the room trying to finish up a task and hear the baby crying when suddenly he’ll stop. I’ll race into the room expecting to see one of the older boys sitting on his head so that he is unable to cry any more, only to find my oldest singing to the baby or my two and a half year old showing him a book or toy. And even though the baby is just barely 7 months, I think he gets that what his brothers are doing for him is pretty cool. He’s begun to laugh, or cackle I should say, at his brothers constantly, incredibly entertained by them. He lights up when he sees them enter his sight or hears their voices, instead of being terrified of them like you’d think he’d be. He seems to understand that he is loved by his two older brothers and he loves them, and last night he showed it.
For whatever reason, the baby woke round 4:00am and decided to be awake for a little while. I put him in the middle of the bed beside me and a pillow. On the other side of that pillow was not my husband, but was one of the more usual occupants, one of my sons. In this case, it was my two and a half year old. He was sleeping in his favorite position, sprawled horizontally across the bed. His head was resting on the pillow next to the baby and his arm was under his head so that his hand dangled over the pillow. While the baby was playing, he noticed his brother laying there and smiled. Then he saw his brother’s hand and decided to grab it. He laid there staring and smiling at his brother, hand in hand, for 15 minutes, while his older brother slept there completely unaware. It was so sweet that, despite how tired I was and how much my eyes wanted to close, I couldn’t stop watching him.
My two and a half year old then showed his love for his older brother later that day. The two older boys had fallen asleep in the car so I put them both to sleep in the same bed. My two and a half year old woke up first and I told him to go wake up his brother so he didn’t nap too long. Next thing I know, I hear crying for the bedroom. I come running, expecting to find that my oldest son had hurt the younger one for waking him. Instead I find my middle child standing next to his older brother crying because he is still sleeping and won’t get up to come play with him. I couldn’t help but laugh.

I guess, despite all the pushing, shoving, punching, and kicking, my boys really do love each other. Sometimes one of them just needs to be asleep for the other to show it. I can only imagine what life will be like around here as they get older. As long as they remain close, I’m willing to put up with all the fighting.

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