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Boys and their poop

Boys seem to have a strange affinity for poop that girls don’t tend to have. I’m not saying that boys like poop or something weird like that, I’m just saying that they deal with it in a different manner than girls. Personally, I want nothing to do with it and can’t wait for all three of my boys to be potty trained and wiping their own butts.

Unfortunately, potty training my two and a half year old has not progressed much, not that I’m really pushing it yet, but my son has picked up on an equally important skill, one which my four and a half year old has yet to completely master; the skill of wiping ones butt. Now he hasn’t mastered this skill and the butt he wants to wipe isn’t always his, but it’s a start. It started the other day after I discovered that he’d pooped in his diaper. I asked him why he hadn’t gone in the potty so he could get jelly beans and then told him to get me a new diaper. He returned and proceeded to strip off his clothes and then lay down like he was ready for me to change him, but then he began to take off his diaper and reach for the wipes. I stopped him here for fear of a pooptastraphy. He freaked out a little and insisted I give him some wipes to hold and then attempted to wipe his own butt as I changed his diaper. The next day he insisted on wiping the babies bum when he saw that he’d pooped. Maybe once he’s finally potty trained he’ll have this whole wiping thing down and I won’t constantly hear a shout for me to wipe his butt at the most inopportune times, like I do now with my oldest child

My oldest son, on the other hand, might not have completely mastered the art of butt wiping, but he does seem to be discovering something else about poop; poop is hysterical. My son has learned the age old wisdom of males that poop is always humorous and has begun to broad his poop humor forte. He has moved beyond fart jokes and pooping sounds. The other day I heard my oldest giggling hysterically down the hall and found him in the bathroom, standing over the open toilet, my camera in hand. When I looked at the pictures he’d been taking, sure enough, there was a picture of his tiny turd floating in the toilet. Today, he alternately screamed for me to come wipe his butt and for his two and a half year old brother to come to him. When I came in, I asked him what he wanted his brother for. He told me with a giggle that he wanted to show his poop to his brother.

I’m not sure what it is with boys and poop, but I’m glad I’m a girl. On the other hand, I do have three boys. I think their dad should be the one to deal with this, of course, he might just encourage it.


Should we be worried?

Me: “Take that light saber out of your butt!”
Five minutes later, “Stop hitting yourself in the nuts with that (toy) hammer!”
Ten minutes late, Daddy: “Don’t put that clothes hanger in your butt! We don’t put things in our butts!”
Four year olds are funny.

Bathtime Fun

Tonight I had my two and my four year old in the tub. I left them in there to play for awhile while I sat in the doorway folding clothes and keeping an eye on the baby who was playing on the playmat in my room. Suddenly I heard my oldest say, “Do it to my penis, do it to my penis! Ha, ha, ha! Now do it to my butt crack!” I wasn’t sure I wanted to know what was going on in there, but I figured that a responsible adult would put a stop to whatever it was. So I peek over at the boys in the tub only to discover that they were using their father’s face scrubbing brush to clean their nether regions. I should probably remember to tell my husband before he bathes in the morning.

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