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Boy and their, um, toys

“Get that hose head off your penis! You’re going to hurt yourself.” to my two and a half year old while he played in the baby pool.

“Stop rubbing your penis with the baby’s foot!” to my four and a half year old who was suppose to be getting dressed but was abusing himself with my six month old’s foot.

“Put some clothes on!” a constant being yelled in my house at both boys, and occasionally their father.


Boys think with their penises, even when they’re young

I was having a conversation with my two year old who was taking great pains to say his words clearly if I misunderstood him (my oldest goes to speech). I asked if he was going to be my smart boy, to which he stopped, looked at me in a very thoughtful manner, then pointed at his penis and laughed. Yep, that’s about right for a boy.

Built-in toy

This morning, as I sat in bed nursing my youngest, my oldest came bounding in and hopped into bed with us. When I looked over at him, I caught an eyeful of small balls and penis. I told him to put it away to which he replied, “But Mom, I’m just playing with it.” I told him to take it to his room or put it away.

This is not the first time, I’ve witnessed one of my sons playing with himself. My boys have been playing with their penises since they discovered that they had them. I don’t know though that I’d call what they do playing, so much as abusing. It quickly became their favorite bath time toy, as they’d sit there in the bath tub, smacking the hell out of it. Then they’d pull on it like they were trying to make sure it wasn’t ever going to come off. Once we began potty training my oldest and introduced him to peeing on trees in an emergency, his and his middle brother’s penises suddenly became fire hoses. My oldest son will use his “fire hose” to pee anywhere (see Don’t pee on your brother). The great thing (and not so great thing, when you’re in public) is that they have no shame about it, and I don’t want him to feel shame about it. When one of my boys whips it out, I simply tell them to either put it away or go to their room if they are going to do it because I don’t want to see it.

I guess when you are the mother of three boys, catching an eyeful of tiny toddler penis and balls at an inappropriate time is just an occupational hazard. I’m okay with that as long as I don’t have to catch any eyefuls of that once they get older. So, for that reason, I’ll always make sure to alway knock first.

Its not a joke Mom

“Sometimes my penis does that. It hangs off to the side and down my pants on my leg. It’s not a joke Mom.” My four year old’s response to a comment I made, while changing the baby’s diaper, about how he peed out the side of his diaper the other day.

Bathtime Fun

Tonight I had my two and my four year old in the tub. I left them in there to play for awhile while I sat in the doorway folding clothes and keeping an eye on the baby who was playing on the playmat in my room. Suddenly I heard my oldest say, “Do it to my penis, do it to my penis! Ha, ha, ha! Now do it to my butt crack!” I wasn’t sure I wanted to know what was going on in there, but I figured that a responsible adult would put a stop to whatever it was. So I peek over at the boys in the tub only to discover that they were using their father’s face scrubbing brush to clean their nether regions. I should probably remember to tell my husband before he bathes in the morning.

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